Mobile Catering Garden Grove

Happy New Year!  What a great way to celebrate the new year with Tacos Zapata catering your event.  Today our taco catering team was doing what they do best out in Garden Grove.  Our team and most important the guests had a great time and enjoyed Tacos Zapatas taco catering.  Customers gathered around our taco cart curious an excited to see our team go to work.

Today our mobile taco catering event in Garden Grove was a bit more special due to our team catering with a brand new cart. We are always eager and curious to try out new things that will help us give our customers a greater taco catering experience.  Our customers today tried our brand new avocado salsa, this was the first time we have ever brought it out to a catering event.  Guests loved it and approached our taco cart catering team with numerous compliments. It is always great to receive compliments regarding our food or products. We always encourage feed back with customers and their guests. We always seek to improve and better our catering service.

Prior to our Garden Grove catering event, Tacos Zapata catered another event out in Santa Ana. This specific event was for a smaller crowd. We had a lot of children in attendance for a birthday party.  Our lengua and steak tacos were really popular amongst the children. Our cheese quesadillas and taquitos were also popular.

We love what we do whether it’s taco catering to adults or maybe children. We love our job. We always enjoy having repeated customers requesting us to cater another event for them.