Mobile Taco Catering In Cypress For A Christmas Party

This past month we’ve had the privledge to cater numerous Christmas parties in Orange County, Riverside County, as well as Los Angeles.  A few days ago one of experienced taco catering crews catered on site in Cypress for a family Christmas party.   Our taco catering team fed aproximitley fifty hungry people. Each one of the guests in attendence from young to old loved our delicious taco cart tacos.  Throughout our two hour serving time guests repeatedly approached our taco cart to request more tacos.

Our taco catering personell provided grilled shrimp, carnitas, and carne asada tacos.  They also provided cheese quesadillas and pico de gallo which everyone loved.  Towards the end of the event many guests thanked our taco catering crew for a job well done.  It really feels great when people apreciate our food and even inquire about out mobile taco catering services.  Taco catering in Cypress was a huge success. Happy holidays!