Mobile Taco Catering in Eastvale

It’s almost Easter, how is everyone doing? Well today we had the great pleasure of providing our taco catering services in Eastvale for about fifty guests celebrating a very special occasion.  This particular event was a bit early in the day and we grilled on site for about two hours.

Everyone in attendance from young to old love our tacos. Guests could not get enough of our special al pastor tacos as well as our chicken tacos. Al pastor no matter where we cater is always a party favorite.  Guests also love our very own Tacos Zapata guacamole. Time after time people would walk up to our taco bar and serve themselves with our delicious guacamole.

Every time we cater within Southern California people compliment us on our tacos and other dishes we provide. If you are ever in the Orange County region, Fullerton to be exact remember our taqueria is located right of the 91 freeway. So if you can’t get enough of our food, you can always stop by at our location in Fullerton.

Tomorrow is Easter, from every one here at Tacos Zapata we would love to wish everyone and their families a happy and safe Easter. Taco catering in Eastvale today was a great success.