Mobile Taco Catetering in Tustin For A Birthday Party

How is everybody doing? We’ve had a fantastic time meeting new faces and exploring new places.  Our summer is extremely busy, but we love it.  This past weekend our catering team was in Tustin taco catering for a birthday party.  Taco bar catering in Tustin is always fun.  Numerous times our catering teams have commuted out to Tustin to be greeted by friendly faces and eager guests.  As always everyone enjoys Tacos Zapata’s taco cart tacos.  We have been taco catering for many years, and we think we have taco catering mastered, well that is what our customers tell us.

While in Tustin our taco catering team fed over a hundred guests who attended a birthday celebration for the birthday girl. This very special lady was turning 95 years old.  Therefore, we were very excited when we got the call requesting Tacos Zapata to provide our taco cart tacos.  Our taco catering team cooked on site and everyone complimented them on how good everything smelled.  Cooking on site is always fun, especially when you see guests take that first bite and nod with approval.  Our fellow catering team cooked chorizo, al pastor, and asada.  Everyone loved our tasty and delicious tacos.  Our taco catering team received numerous compliments on our tacos and condiments.  Since our loyal costumer took advantage of a special we have going on, they received cheese quesadillas and our authentic 100% guacamole at no additional cost.

Taco catering in the city of Tustin was a great success. We love to always provide our customers with quality and the  lowest price possible.  Catering in Tustin or other Orange County cities is always fun for our catering teams.  We do not reserve our taco catering to only Orange County. Tacos Zapata provides mobile on site taco catering in most parts of Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles.

Give us a call, have Tacos Zapata over at your next social event.