Taco Bar Catering in Buena Park

Greetings from everyone here at Tacos Zapata.  Today was a long but great day spent taco catering in Buena Park for a small wedding reception.  Our Tacos Zapata taco catering crew spent nearly four hours on site in Buena Park catering to nearly 200 guests in attendance to support their friends on their special day.  We always enjoy taco catering events in Buena Park, which is only a few minutes from our restaurant in Fullerton.

Our taco catering crew arrived around 3:30 pm to commence our set up at a local residence in Buena Park. Within thirty minutes our catering crew had two taco carts ready to start grilling and two taco bars, along with a drink station.  Numerous guests were amazed with how fast our taco catering crew managed to unload and set up.  Within minutes we were cooking and serving at our event in Buena Park.

As guests started filing up and walking by our taco carts, we received various compliments on how good everything smelled.  Others who quickly tasted our taco cart tacos nodded with approval, and flashed thumbs up to all our taco catering personal.  For three hours guests ate and ate our tasty tacos. People just couldn’t get enough.  Towards the end of our taco catering session guests asked for our taco catering business cards and quotes from our on site taco catering team leader.

Well today turned out to be a fantastic day taco catering in Buena Park, congratulations to the new newlyweds. We hope to hear from them in the near future as well for future social events.