Taco Bar Catering in Moreno Valley and Beaumont

We had a fantastic weekend taco catering in Moreno Valley as well as Beaumont.   Our day yesterday consisted of taco catering in the Inland Empire, we first provided on site taco catering in Moreno Valley for a birthday party.  We arrived there around 2 pm, and cooked on site with our taco cart for three hours.  Our mobile taco catering team cooked asada, chicken, and shrimp tacos which were a huge hit among guests. For the children our taco catering team provided cheese quesadillas which were also very popular.  Our mobile catering team had a great time interacting with guests in Moreno Valley.

Our second event of the day was out in Beaumont, not to far from Moreno Valley.  This event took place to celebrate a retirement ceremony for a police officer.  Our taco catering team had a blast feeding numerous police officers and their families.  Our taco cart taco catering team provided asada, al pastor, and chicken tacos which everyone absolutely enjoyed.  Numerous times guests would approach our team for seconds and even more.  While in Beaumont our taco catering team got to interact with new people and correspond with guests about taco catering in the near future for their respective parties.

We constantly get asked if we travel to the Inland Empire and provide our famous taco cart tacos as well as our taco bar.  Many of you already know that, the answer is yes.  Our Tacos Zapata mobile catering teams travel through out the majority of San Bernardino County and Riverside County too.  A little bit of history for you folks out there, our taco catering business first commenced in Corona, CA approximately 12 years ago.  Today our taco catering crews travel all over Southern California. We cater hundreds of social events in Los Angeles,  Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Our hopes today is to provide our catering services throughout all California.

Taco Catering in Moreno Valley and Beaumont was a huge success.