Taco Cart Catering In Anaheim

This past weekend our taco catering teams were commuting through out Southern California. Our mobile catering teams catered to over 700 people in Anaheim, West Covina, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Cerritos, and Huntington Beach.  Myself and another taco catering co worker had the honor of serving around 75 people for an engagement party in Anaheim.

We were hired by the future grooms father and mother to cook on site in Anaheim.  They had heard of our amazing taco cart tacos, and wanted to throw an engagement party for their son and his future wife.  We gladly accepted and showed up to do what we do best, taco catering.  We arrived about an hour early to unload and set everything up along their pool.  The day was perfect for any social setting to take place, it wasn’t to hot or cold, just perfect.  We commenced our setup, mean while guests began to arrive and many walked towards our direction to watch the taco cart taco catering team work.  We quickly finished our set up process and notified our client that the food was ready, and that guests could be served.  Rapidly, guests began to file up before our taco cart in Anaheim and complimented us on how great everything smelled, and ordered their tasty taco cart tacos.  Many guests inquired about our mobile taco catering services, if we traveled to Riverside County, and even asked if we were available to provide on site taco catering in Los Angeles and even San Bernardino.  Of course right away our answer was yes. Numerous times guests came around again and again to treat themselves to our mobile taco cart tacos.  We were very happy to see every guests face nod with approval towards our tacos.

Taco catering in Anaheim, as well as in all the other locations Tacos Zapata employees provided mobile catering were a great success. Remember to book your events, holidays are just around the corner and our $400 special is still current.