Taco Cart Catering In La Habra

Today was a fantastic day as our taco catering team provided on site taco cart taco catering in La Habra for a family party. There were about seventy guests in attendance, and everyone absolutely loved our tacos.  This time around we provided chicken, steak, and al pastor tacos. Children as well as adults could not get enough of our delicious cheese quesadillas, our quesadillas were a absolute party favorite. For an approximate two hours we fed seventy guests, and every complimented our pastor and our chicken.

Another one of our catering teams also provided on site mobile catering to fifty people in Fullerton for another family party. These particular guests enjoyed carnitas, chicken, and steak tacos. Our guacamole was a big hit,  everyone loved it and would place it on their tacos and chips.  As always people inquired about our Mexican food catering services for their future social events.

Taco catering in La Habra and Fullerton was a total success.