Taco Catering In Anaheim, Ca

Hello out there, what a busy day today.  Tacos Zapatas mobile catering teams were out in Anaheim, Ca catering a birthday party. We love to go and cater to Anaheim. Anaheim home of Disneyland and Angel baseball is not to far from Tacos Zapata headquarters (a.k.a El Rancho).  Our mobile taco catering teams served about 100 people, for a total of two hours.

Our tacos came out delicious and  guests were very anxious to try our tacos.  Guests loved our Tacos Zapata guacamole and chips.  Our customer chose fish tacos as well as shrimp and steak.  Fish tacos with salsa verde and cheese are extremely delicious. Guests could not get enough and inquired with our taco catering teams about future taco catering events for their respective occasions.

Taco Catering in Anaheim was a great success, our customers and their guests were thrilled to have Tacos Zapata cater their party.