Taco Catering in Buena Park for baby shower

Hello everyone, today was a fantastic day taco catering in Buena Park for a baby shower. We have never catered a baby shower and we were thrilled to offer our catering services for this specific event.  Our taco catering team as always arrived forty minutes early to set everything up in order as our customer requested.  By 5 pm, our grills were hot and everything ready to go. Our catering team had a great time catering for this event and guests loved Tacos Zapatas tacos. The pastor was a party favorite. It always amazes us how every where we go people become instantly addicted to our pastor tacos.  Our pastor is neatly sliced, marinated, and cooked to perfection. A family recipes for over twenty years.  Aside from the pastor, our customer chose steak and carnitas. Always very popular as well. This taco catering event in Buena Park was a big success. We thank our customers and their guests for always providing feed back.  If you have a Facebook or Twitter be sure to subscribe as we always publish news or great deals.

Tacos Zapata