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anaheim tacos

Taco Bar Catering in Anaheim

Last night our taco catering team was out in our neighboring city of Anaheim taco catering for a small distribution company.  Our mobile taco catering team arrived early to set up and grill for about 75 employees.   Everyone complemented our taco catering team on how good everything smelled and how they could not wait to get their hands on our …

Lake Forest Catering

Mobile Taco Cart Catering In Lake Forest

Another Christmas party checked off the list. This time our taco catering team was catering on site in Lake Forest for a Christmas party. In attendence were adults and nurmerous teenagers from a local high school in Lake Forest.  This event was in the late evening for about 75 people. Our taco catering crew cooked on site and provided chicken, …

Fullerton taco man

Taco Man Catering in Fullerton For A Surprise Halloween Party.

Last night was filled with excitement taco catering in Fullerton for a surprise birthday party on Halloween night.   Myself along with other taco catering crew members had an amazing time observing all the guests dressed in various Halloween costumes. Some were really creative and amusing, others very original. This is definitely one of our favorite times of the year.  Every year in …