Taquizas En San Bernardino

That is right amigos, Tacos Zapata provided a taquiza (taco catering in Spanish) in San Bernardino, Ca. We provided mobile taco catering for approximately 100 people.  This event was around 6 pm, we hit a lot of traffic but thank fast track and our tactful driving we made if forty minutes before time and efficiently set everything up according to time.  This goes with out saying people complimented our food and our customers were thrilled.  Guests could not resist our tasty taco cart tacos.  Almost everyone inquired about Tacos Zapata’s delicious guacamole and salsas.

We catered for almost three straight hours, this time around our guest chose our deluxe Adelitas  package. This special consists of four meat entrees. Which our customers chose our fine cut tender steak, carnitas, chorizo, and pastor. Which in our opinion they couldn’t have picked a better combination.  In addition, Adelitas also includes beans as well as Mexican rice. We provided our spicy yet addicting salsa roja and mild salsa verde.  We all know that pico de gallo and guacamole are always a must have at any taco catering event or should we say taquiza? Chips and salsa as well as cheese quesadillas  were also present at this Mexican catering event.  Our customers chose agua de melon (tropical melon drink) as well as horchata, which are also included in the Adelitas package. As always our standard condiments were also provided.

We were very happy with the response we received from party guests. Everyone loved and enjoyed Tacos Zapata’s presence, which is awesome!  We love what we do, we take taco catering very seriously each time. Whether it is one taco catering event a day or five, we always give our 100% to ensure customers as well as guests are pleased. Towards the end of our service, numerous guests approached our mobile taco catering teams for business cards and points of contacts for future catering services.  Well this was another success tallied up for Tacos Zapata!