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Calabasas Taco Man Catering

Mon, Feb 22nd, 2021

**Today our taco catering men and women were on-site taco catering in the city of Calabasas at a dealership.  The general manager contacted our staff a couple of weeks back, stating he wanted to have Tacos Zapata taco cater an Employee Appreciation Day at his dealership.  

We catered for about 80 employees, and everyone was so excited and surprised when our taco catering van pulled up, and our staff started setting up.  They were all so eager to have our delicious taco cart tacos.  Our taco catering team kept getting asked if we were ready to start serving, they could not wait any longer.

Once our taco catering team announced they were ready to commence serving, everyone gathered around our taco cart and taco bar and started ordering their tacos.  They loved our carnitas and al pastor tacos so much they all kept ordering two and even three times over.  The general manager who booked the taco catering event was so pleased everyone in attendance loved our taco cart tacos that he scheduled another taco party for Cinco de Mayo.  

Once again, taco catering in Calabasas was a great success.  Thank you to everyone who has been supporting our taco catering from the very beginning and to our customers from day one who have continued to book Tacos Zapata and have referred us to friends and family, and lastly to the new customers who have supported our taco catering since Covid started.  Thank you!

As I mentioned above, we have started booking events for Cinco de Mayo.  Cinco de Mayo is one of the most requested dates throughout the year.  Book your next taco catering event now.