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Taco Catering In Tustin For A Baby Shower

Sun, Apr 11th, 2021

Today, our taco catering teams made their way to Tustin to cater a baby shower for a young couple. Tacos Zapata Taco Catering was honored to provide on-site taco catering to the exciting and joyous event.

As we arrived, we were faced with a warm welcome and multiple eager guests plotting to be first in line for some fresh, authentic, and delicious taco cart tacos. Our client ordered carne asada, al pastor, and fish, which was a great decision. The fish and al pastor tacos were flying off the taco cart and into the hands of the numerous excited guests. The carne asada was a hit as well for the 50 person party. At one point, after 15 minutes of serving, the background chatter ceased and we knew that everyone was enjoying the tacos and the various condiments they added to their tacos from our table. Funny enough, our host mentioned, “That’s one way to shut them up,” in a joking manner after trying to gather everyone for some party games.

It was clear the tacos we made for them were doing their job in satisfying the hosts’ guests for a day filled with fun activities. To top it off, the agua fresca sure was a cherry on top for the guests on a warmer April day. We were met with great praise and smiles as people cycled back for round two.

This event in Tustin was a success and we hope to provide more people with the experience of eating Tacos Zapata’s tacos in that region.