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Mobile Taco Catering In Placentia For A Baby Shower

Thu, Jul 16th, 2020

Last night our taco catering team had an outstanding time taco catering in the city of Placentia for an office baby shower.  Our event was a surprise baby shower planned out by coworkers looking to celebrate their co-worker's baby coming.  The customer who booked us for our event yesterday experienced our taco catering a couple of weeks back in the city of Fullerton, which just so happened to be a baby shower as well.

Our mobile taco catering team arrived early not to spoil any surprises and quickly unloaded the taco cart and the rest of their equipment.  Within forty minutes, our taco catering team was ready to commence serving. All they were waiting for was for the future baby momma to make herself present from her lunch.  While everyone waited, they inquired with our mobile taco catering team regarding our taco catering services and took that time to take some business cards and snap a couple of photos. 

Upon the arrival of the long-awaited special guest, everyone yelled and congratulated her on her coming baby.  They quickly escorted her to our taco cart and presented her with a delicious assortment of tacos for her to munch on.   Too much of everyone's surprise, she ate a couple more tacos than everyone expected after having lunch.  This just proved to everyone present how heavenly exquisite our tacos were.  For this reason, everyone else got back in line for another round of tacos and quesadillas.

Like always, our taco catering team had a fantastic time taco catering in Placentia.  At the end of the serving time, everyone thanked our mobile catering team for the delicious tacos and the contribution to their surprise event.

You, too, can enjoy Orange County's favorite taco catering companies' delicious taco cart tacos for your next event.  Let us worry about the food while you enjoy the company of your guests.  Every day our products are prepared fresh for your event. Please do not fall for the weekend warriors providing part-time taco catering without a license or insurance.  Trust our taco catering experience for any social event, and we guarantee you will be back for more and more tacos.