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Taco Bar Catering Garden Grove

Tue, Apr 14th, 2015

So last night our taco men were out in the city of Garden Grove, taco catering on-site, for a welcome home party for a young Marine coming back from deployment.  This young man was deployed to Afghanistan for eight months and just got home yesterday.  

His parents wanted to welcome him home and surprise him with some delicious taco cart tacos, as tacos are this young Marines' favorite food.   His mother attended a party a couple of months back that we had provided our taco catering services for, and she naturally fell in love with our taco catering service.  

She reached out to us a couple of weeks back, hoping our mobile taco catering team would be available for her son's coming home party.  Of course, she booked us right away and ordered all his favorite taco cart meat entrees.   She requested chorizo, carnitas, and al pastor.  Everyone in attendance loved our pork selection of tacos and agreed tacos for the Marines welcome home event was a fantastic idea.  Everyone was fed in a quick minute and celebrated his return with gifts and lots of alcohol.  Many of the friends and family in attendance inquired about our taco man catering service and requested many business cards from our taco catering team.  One person already has booked her Cinco de Mayo party with Tacos Zapata.  

Many of our customers do not know, but we offer a 10% discount for the active military as a thank you for their service and self-sacrifice.  

Taco man catering in the city of Garden Grove was extra special today and a success.  We hope to be back soon.