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Taco Bar Catering in Anaheim

Sun, Jan 5th, 2014

Last night, our taco catering team was out in our neighboring city of Anaheim catering for a small distribution company.  Our mobile taco catering team arrived early to set up and grill for about 75 employees. Everyone complimented our taco catering team on how good everything smelled and how they could not wait to get their hands on our taco cart tacos. Once our taco team began to serve, everyone sprinted towards our taco cart to help themselves to our tasty taco cart tacos and taco bar.

While taco catering in Anaheim, our mobile taco catering team grilled carne asada, al pastor, and shrimp tacos. Aside from tacos, they also grilled cheese quesadillas for everyone on their taco cart.  All the employees in attendance loved our tacos. Therefore many approached our taco cart numerous times to fill their bellies for a long day of work ahead.

Upon leaving our catering site in Anaheim, many employees thanked our catering team for a job well done and some even asked for business cards. Taco Catering in Anaheim was a great success.

We have begun a new year and although it is still early on, many of you are planning on hosting graduation parties for your 2014 graduates.  Remember to get your events booked on time as numerous customers try to book their events a couple of days prior. Summer is our busiest season so just a friendly reminder to plan ahead!