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Wed, Oct 28th, 2020

Hello again,

We keep getting phone calls and emails if we are still providing our taco catering services during this time, and the answer is always YES!  Tacos Zapata is always working taco catering onsite, dropping taco platters off at your location. We even offer taco platters for parties or any social event for pick up at our shop.   Tacos Zapata has been grinding during the whole year, providing its customers with awesome tacos throughout all Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles.

Well, November is almost over, and we are getting closer and closer to the Christmas holidays.  We are booking more events every day, and we recommend booking your taco party as soon as possible.  We had a good week taco catering all over Orange County.   We catered to numerous businesses. One, in particular, was in the city of Garden Grove.  We catered to 130 employees at a senior care center.   We have catered to them in the past, but this time around, they requested breakfast burritos, and they were delighted with our food and service.  They requested chorizo, sausage, and bacon burritos.  Everyone loved our breakfast burritos and couldn't get enough. Many inquired about our taco catering business and requested our business cards for friends and family.  

We also had an awesome time on-site taco catering with our taco carts in the city of San Clemente.  We catered a small birthday party near the beach.  Although it was a little chilly out, we still had great time catering tacos.   All the guests had a fantastic time eating and coming back for seconds and even thirds.  Everyone adored our al pastor tacos and cheese quesadillas and our flavored aguas frescas.  This taco party was entertaining due to them having a comedian on site.  This man made us laugh so hard and made the time go by so fast we did not want to leave.  Unfortunately, we had another event close by to cater to.  

Once again, do not wait until the last minute to book your taco catering party.  You can book your taco party here on Tacoszapata.com or you can reach us at 949-371-9029.  Have a great week.