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La Habra Heights Taco Man Catering

Fri, Sep 24th, 2021

**Today one of our taco catering teams fulfilled the desire to provide authentic taco man tacos to a family expecting a newborn in La Habra Heights. The family wished for a safe and socially distanced family gathering, so they requested a drive-thru layout to serve their guests from their driveway. With our onsite and mobile taco catering, our taco teams can structure any layout to meet any demand. In these particular situations, Tacos Zapata Taco Catering brings special to-go containers that allow us to serve your guests their food to take with them and the security to enjoy them.

Tacos Zapata Taco Man offers flexibility with their layouts upon your requests, but we also have variety with our menu. You can order and request any accommodation for our taco cart tacos. This family, in particular, requested a vegetarian option. We recommended a customer favorite option: grilled veggies. The family added the veggies to accompany their other entrees of Carne Asada and Carnitas. If you have vegetarian family and friends, Tacos Zapata Taco Bar Catering provides all catering food packages with Vegan-friendly Spanish Rice and Refried Pinto Beans. That means no chicken stock or lard is used in the ingredients for the rice and the beans. And that’s not all, our taco catering packages also offer cheese quesadillas, another great and delicious option for the non-meat eaters.

With our versatility, our taco man catering can be anything you’d like. You can have a fish taco cart catering station, a vegan taco station, and a gluten-free taco catering station. This gives you variety. Combined with our range of toppings and fixing, almost no two tacos at your event will be alike.

Tacos Zapata onsite taco catering is ready to meet all your needs to make your events enjoyable for you and your families. Give us a call, and we promise we welcome all special requests. Taco man catering La Habra Heights was a lot of fun.