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Taco Catering San Bernardino

Thu, Jun 26th, 2014

**In a perfect world, it would be Taco Tuesday every day, but in San Bernardino County, it almost is! And although we at Tacos Zapata can’t change the way the world works, we can add to your week’s adventures! You are about to enter yet another long work week, and the weekend is a stretch away, you need something to motivate you and start the week off right, Taco Tuesday with mobile taco catering can be just the thing you need.

A lumbering company in San Bernardino needed taco catering to give their workers an energy boost for the heavy work ahead. Great companies take care of their employees, so a party where your employees are free to choose to build their tacos in any way is guaranteed to increase work productivity. Taco man catering is the ideal option for businesses because it provides a quick service and is perfect to have during lunch hours to avoid taking up operating hours.

 Our team was instructed to set up on working premises. Taco cart catering is mobile enough to bring our grill and table anywhere you’d like. Don’t let space be an issue, we make it work with any amount of room, you point in the direction and we take care of the rest.

 Another bonus of taco bar catering is how easy it is to feed any amount of people. This company requested food for 100 employees. Don’t worry how many employees you need food for, Tacos Zapata can serve and provide for any size of the crowd. We make it convenient for businesses to simply order the taco cart, choose your toppings, and move on with confidence and joy, knowing your employee will be satiated and be one of the companies everyone talks about for months to come. Put in your order today!