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Chino Hills Taco Bar Catering

Tue, Feb 15th, 2022

**Whether we're handling the main meal or just the rehearsal dinner or both, we've earned an enviable reputation for providing wedding taco catering imaginatively presented and delicious. A groom’s best man always knows what is right for the couple, so he did the right thing by calling Tacos Zapata’s taco catering services in Chino Hills for the wedding rehearsal dinner.

 He placed the wedding rehearsal dinner in our capable hands, and we delivered. Let me tell you that our client requested beef tripe as one of his meats. Although it’s an untraditional entrée among other caterers, Tacos Zapata offers it and makes it a delicious option for your tacos. In addition, he asked if we could provide pineapple as a topping for the Al Pastor. We said, of course, we like to prepare any special orders for any food desire you may have. That is a great thing about taco cart tacos, they are customizable in a way, so don’t hesitate to tailor your catering menu when booking our taco cart services.

 The guests to the wedding rehearsal were was delighted to see our preparation as we threw the beef tripe on the grill to ensure they were nice and crispy to enjoy. As soon as we served, we can hear the instant gratification of the guests as they took their first bite into their tacos. People were also surprised to see we had pineapple for their Al Pastor tacos. One guest even mentioned that it was the first time seeing an onsite taco caterer providing the additional topping. We go far and beyond expectations and like to surprise people with our versatility and unique styles of eating tacos.

 If you're seeking a catering company that will enhance your celebration to your unique taste and style that will impress and satisfy your guests, you've come to the right place. We are Southern California's original made-to-order taco catering company that is fully licensed and insured. We provide delicious cuisine and events that are perfectly planned and executed. Call (949) 371-9029 to receive a FREE taco catering quote.

 Taco catering Chino Hills was a great success.