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Mobile Taco Catering Aliso Viejo

Fri, Apr 30th, 2021

**Today one of our taco catering teams catered for a celebration of a life ceremony. Such celebration was held in an indoor setting, yes you read that correctly we provided fresh tacos in an indoor setting.  All though normally our taco catering events are held outdoors. We can provide mobile taco catering for indoor settings as well. This just means we cooked and prepared all the provided meats, tortillas, condiments, and quesadillas just before attending the event. With our equipment and the efficiency of our taco man and women, we guarantee warm, ready to eat and delicious tacos right at serving time.

Tacos Zapata Taco catering is always prepared to accommodate the needs of our guests when it comes to the venue, location site, available spacing, and catering setup. In this particular event, we had limited spacing but made it work to our guest’s liking. Do not let the spacing of your particular environment stop you from booking a taco man, because we are flexible with our setups and work efficiently with any given space.

The host requested we serve every guest their food. So, we did! During our serving process, our staff was agile and efficient to serve all the guests with hardly any waiting in line. Our taco catering teams are capable of providing a fast service. We are always eager to stuff your bellies with our tacos.

When we state we provide reliable onsite taco catering, we mean it!