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Taco Catering Las Flores

Fri, Oct 30th, 2020

**Do you have an event on the calendar that suddenly needs catering?  Will you need a caterer who is available last minute, and will the venue you have or want to be able to accommodate meal service?  Tacos Zapata, with its mobile taco catering service, makes it work.  You may have the same problem as a company in Las Flores.  Not all caterers are available last minute.  This is where our mobile taco bar catering teams come in.  We might be your best option.

Today, this company needed mobile taco cart catering to provide lunch for 150 staff and workers combined.  Our taco catering teams are filled with talented people who have the skill to pull things off in a limited time.

Another benefit of taco cart catering that you can take advantage of is that our taco cart operates and functions as a self-contained kitchen with wheels.  Just like this company, you do not have to worry about if your workspace is a suitable venue for food.

In addition to your planning concerns, your guests get freshly prepared taco cart tacos, not something made miles away and rewarmed at your event.  And a more casual service means more party mixing, which most event hosts want for their guests.

Tacos Zapata’s on-site taco cart catering could be your last-minute option!