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Taco Catering Rancho Santa Margarita

Tue, Feb 8th, 2022

**Today one of our taco cart catering teams was out in the beautiful city of Rancho Santa Margarita providing exceptional taco catering services for a local hotel.  Our taco catering team provided on-site taco catering for about 65 employees who work consistently around the clock at this hotel.   Our taco catering team got there early to begin setting up as our point of contact had requested to commence serving earlier than they had originally asked.  Our team was asked to set up in the courtyard next to the beautiful pool and garden.  Our taco bar catering team quickly began setting everything up and began cooking.  As soon as the raw meat hit the grill, numerous employees walked outside to the courtyard around our catering team with curious questions.   

 As soon as our taco bar catering team announced they were ready to serve delicious tacos and quesadillas, a big line was formed in front of the serving station.  Employees in attendance requested tacos of every kind, along with quesadillas and nachos.  Once they had plates in their hands, we could not help but notice the huge smiles everyone displayed.  Everyone complimented our mobile taco catering team on the shrimp, asada, carnitas, and al pastor.  They also took pictures of our setup and taco bars.  They kept asking for quotes on potential parties for weddings, graduations, and birthdays.  Our catering team happily gave out numerous business cards, and our staff back at the shop and office got many calls from this particular party inquiring about our taco bar catering.

 At the end of the serving time, our customers still had plenty of leftovers to go around for the late shift.  Once our taco cart was packed up and our catering team was saying their goodbyes, everyone asked to take a picture with our taco catering team and thanked them for a fabulous lunch.  On-site taco catering in Rancho Santa Margarita was a huge success.  It is not too late to book your next event.  We have been booking events every day for Super Bowl.  On taco catering, our catering teams also offer taco platters dropped off at your location if it is within 20 miles of our shop in the city of Fullerton.