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Taco Catering in Rossmoor For A Church

Thu, Feb 17th, 2022

**Greetings from everyone here at Tacos Zapata! We just got back from taco catering an event in the lovely city of Rossmoor.  This event was for a local church, who had heard nothing but great things about Tacos Zapata’s mobile taco catering services.   Our new customer had outstanding recommendations from previous taco catering customers who really enjoyed our tasty taco cart tacos.

Our mobile taco catering team encountered some familiar faces out in Rossmoor, which made us incredibly happy.  Our catering team cooked al pastor with pineapple, grilled shrimp, fish, and grilled chicken tacos for everyone in Rossmoor.  People were really excited to have us at their church grilling for them. Our taco cart cheese quesadillas were also very popular, and guests could not get enough.  Others were amazed by our taco bar and its variety.

Our two-hour serving time went by so fast that we did not want to say goodbye.  As our taco bar catering team started to break everything down and pack up, guests inquired about our mobile taco catering services.  Our taco cart catering team handed out numerous business cards for everyone to spread the word about Tacos Zapata’s mobile taco catering services.

On another note, we would like to remind everyone that graduation season is just around the corner. What's a better way to celebrate your graduations, church, or school events than with Tacos Zapata. Get your quotes in fast for great deals and taco catering specials!

On-site taco catering in Rossmoor was a huge success.