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Taco Catering Menifee

Thu, Dec 26th, 2013

**Last night one of our taco cart catering teams was out in the city of Menifee taco catering a birthday party for about 100 guests.  This event was in the late evening, not too hot, not too cold out.  Our mobile taco catering team arrived about forty-five minutes early to set up and cook.  Our taco catering team was ready to serve onsite tacos made fresh from our taco cart within about forty minutes.  

Once our taco bar catering team announced they were ready to start serving tacos, every guest lined up in front of our taco cart and requested their tacos.  Within thirty minutes, our taco catering team had fed everyone present.  Our taco catering team got a lot of compliments from everyone and even got some cake.  About ten minutes before their departure, they announced the last call, and nearly half of the guests remaining lined up again and ordered another round of tacos.  

At the end of the serving time, our team packaged up the leftover food and left them behind for our customers.  As they made their way out, everyone clapped and thanked our mobile taco catering team for a job well done.  About 12 guests asked for business cards and where we were located.  One of the guests there had been to our taco shop in the city of Fullerton and recognized our delicious tacos from there.  Taco catering in Menifee was a success.