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Sat, Sep 26th, 2020

Hello Hello,

We are back and fully operational!  We would first like to thank all our taco catering customers, old and new, for helping us stay in business catering during such difficult times.  Our catering is back to its full potential before Covid-19, and that is all thanks to our old customers and new ones alike.   We have been swamped, and we all love that here at Tacos Zapata Taco Catering.  We love making tacos on our taco carts, and all of our taco catering staff members are thankful to all of you for bringing them all back to work to make delicious tacos on-site!

We had a very intense week taco cart catering all over Orange County.  As far as we can tell people are very in love as most of our events were weddings.  We catered a couple of birthdays, corporate events, and even some bachelor parties.  As I said, people are just serious about tying the knot and having tacos by Tacos Zapata at their event.  It feels great to be back catering to our beach cities out here in Orange County.  We also catered out in Brea, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim.  Some of our taco guys catered for some events for Disneyland.  We always have a great time taco catering at the happiest place on Earth.

      October is only a couple of days away, and we already started booking Halloween parties.  Be sure to book your event soon as October gets pretty busy, and we would love to preserve that tradition here at Tacos Zapata.  We have also started booking Christmas parties, don't be the last to book your taco catering party for your work, neighborhood, or business.  

Have a great rest of the month, and we will see you soon.  If you see us out taco cart catering here in Orange County, say Hello!!