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Taco Catering Pico Rivera

Tue, Jan 14th, 2014

**Today, we spent the afternoon operating an on-site taco catering service in the city of Pico Rivera for the host’s brother’s 93rd birthday celebration. The event today was for about 90 attendees celebrating his long and happy life. It was located at a private residence with a beautiful hillside view in their backyard.

Everyone there had a great time enjoying the delicious and authentic taco cart tacos we catered for them. The shrimp was easily the party favorite as the guests told other guests farther down the line to get a taste of the shrimp. Everyone absolutely loved it and could not help themselves to more. We had a lot of guests come back for multiple rounds and with a bigger smile than the previous time. The host also requested horchata, a big hit, and the added extras of cheese and rolled taquitos for the taco bar, which we got many praises for. Even the birthday boy herself gave us thumbs up for approval after he tried our chicken tacos.

As serve time came to an end, we made sure to package all remaining leftovers from the taco cart and taco bar. Our Pico Rivera client was pleased with all the leftovers and our taco man catering services. He asked if he could take the rest of our business cards to distribute among his friends and family.

Our operation in the city of Pico Rivera was a success. We enjoyed the scenic view and great weather and were extremely honored to celebrate the long life of a very kind man. We were glad we lived up to the expectations as this host was a repeat customer. We make sure to offer the best on-site taco catering to all our clients.