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Onsite Taco Catering In Newport Beach For A Wedding

Sun, Jul 5th, 2020

Hello hello,

Once again, our taco catering team was on-site doing what we do best, taco catering for a small wedding that had postponed earlier this year due to COVID in beautiful Newport Beach.  These customers had booked for a larger 200 person wedding earlier in the year, but due to everything that has been going on, they were forced to postpone it.  They finally decided to hold a smaller ceremony with their intimate families. Of course, Tacos Zapata had to be present, providing its delicious taco cart tacos for all their guests.  Everyone had a wonderful time enjoying the small but private event eating our awesome made onsite tacos and quesadillas.   The carne asada tacos and the al pastor tacos were a big hit with everyone.  It has been some time since we had seen a party where guests loved salsa to the degree we saw today.  Salsa on tacos, more salsa on the quesadillas, extra salsa for the chips.   We were happy to see that there are other folks out there besides ourselves that appreciate salsa. 

It was a great time taco bar catering weddings again.  Due to Covid, many people are waiting this out, and we are not doing as many weddings as we are used to catering before Covid.   Do not forget we are still providing our taco cart catering services.  You might find yourself in a situation like our customers today and cannot have everyone you would like present.  Do not forget, Tacos Zapata can accommodate any setting.  Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Tacos Zapata can cater for your event.  We are also doing taco party platters, we can drop it off at your location, or you can pick it up from our taco shop in the city of Fullerton.  

Be sure to book your next taco party with Tacos Zapata.