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Taco Catering Corona For A Halloween Party

Sat, Oct 23rd, 2021

Nothing is spookier than having to prepare the food for your annual Halloween party, and even if this year’s party isn’t going to be as large as those in previous years, it doesn’t mean you have to do the heavy lifting all by yourself!  There are so many things to do with your time than worry about the food being ready.  Tacos Zapata onsite taco catering will take the weight off your shoulders and free you some time to decide what costume you’re going to wear to your party.  Our Halloween catering services have been proven to turn even the most awkward get-together into a roaring success.

This Halloween, our taco man dressed up to provide our taco catering services for a recurring customer in Corona.  She knows how to throw the best Halloween party in Corona, and Tacos Zapata’s catering is just honored to be a part of it every year.  We know her favorite entrees, and we prepare a special catering package tailored to her favorite foods.  This year she tried to spicy things up and ordered a side of green chicken enchiladas and red cheese enchiladas.  As you can see, our taco cart catering services do all the hard work, preparing the food ahead of time and then bringing it to your party, cooking it piping hot, and making it ready to eat!  As the party started, we had strong reactions to how amazing the food was.  Our taco crew enjoyed seeing all the guests' costumes as they served their tacos.  Including a taco cart in your party plans alongside the spooky decorations, the DJ playing Halloween music and the fog machine can guarantee your parties will be known for being the talk of the town.

Need any ideas for your next Halloween party in Corona?  Onsite taco catering service in Orange County can be your next brilliant idea.  So, contact us today for your free taco catering quote.