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Taco Catering Services in Orange

Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Today our taco catering team was out in the city of Orange taco cart catering for a small insurance office.  As always our catering team arrived about a little over an hour prior to serving time to set up and cook.  They quickly identified the customer and introduced themselves.  As a result, our taco catering team got instructions on where to set up and how they wanted our catering team to serve everyone.  About ten minutes prior to the serving time our taco catering team had cooked all the meats, made a batch of fresh cheese quesadillas, and had the taco bar done.   They quickly fed everyone in about 20 minutes.  Therefore, everyone was extremely delighted with how fast everyone was served and how professional our taco catering staff was.    

Our customers today enjoyed delicious shrimp, chicken, and al pastor tacos made fresh on site.  A couple of people in attendance asked for business cards and of course, some neighboring offices asked for some as well after getting an amazing smell from our taco catering staff cooking of our taco cart.  

Taco cart catering in the city of Orange was a great success today.  Call us today to book your next event.