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Menifee Taco Cart Catering

Mon, Nov 11th, 2013

Today, one of our taco catering teams was sent to Menifee to provide exceptional service and on-site taco catering for a funeral. The team provided on-site taco bar taco catering for about 200 guests who came from the host’s mother-in-law’s funeral. We managed to finish setting up and began cooking. As soon as the raw meat hit the grill, numerous guests wandered nearby to enjoy the aromas coming from our taco cart.

As soon as we announced we were ready to serve some of our authentic taco man tacos, barely anyone remained in their seats and rushed to the line. Once they had plates on their hands, we noticed everyone’s pure excitement and could tell they were about to inhale the food we prepared for them. We were complimented on the carne asada and chicken with the al pastor being the crowd favorite of the day. We received multiple inquiries on our pricing for events and it really seemed as if our tacos and mobile taco catering service made them consider using Tacos Zapata Taco Bar Catering for their own events. It got to the point where we ran out of business cards and we asked if a picture of our uniform would suffice – our website is on it – and it did.

At the end of the serving time, the guests still had leftovers that we neatly packed for them. Our mobile taco man catering service in Menifee was a success even for an event as precious and heartfelt as this.