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Taco Cart Catering Dana Point

Fri, Jul 17th, 2015

Last night our taco catering team was doing what they do best, providing outstanding taco catering service in the city of Dana Point.    This event was a charity fundraiser for about eighty guests in attendance.  Our taco man showed up about an hour early to unload, set up, and cook.   Every guest was excited to see our taco catering staff setting all our taco catering equipment.  Many guests inquired what they would be grilling on the taco cart, and others stood by the whole time watching our catering team cook all the tasty meats for the tacos.  Everything was ready to go about 15 minutes before the serving time, traditional Tacos Zapata style.  

As guests lined up beside our taco cart and taco bar, some took pictures, others shared what they would be having, and many requested business cards from our taco catering staff.  One by one, every one of the guests commented on how great everything looked and smelled.  We got through the taco line in about 25 minutes. A couple of people went through the taco line a second time around and ordered even more tacos and cheese quesadillas.  After we finished serving, a couple of guests went up to our taco cart to inquire about our taco catering services in Dana Point.  Many wanted to get quotes for their perspective events.  

Our guests today enjoyed delicious carne asada tacos, al pastor, shrimp, and fish tacos.  They also requested a couple of Aguas Frescas, a big hit among all the guests in attendance.  

Taco catering in the city of Dana Point was a huge success.