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Taco Catering Huntington Beach

Tue, Aug 24th, 2021


Today our mobile taco catering team was on-site taco cart catering in the city of Huntington Beach.  The special occasion? A 90-year-old birthday party.   It is always great to witness great moments like our taco catering team did today.  It makes our job a lot more special to witness special birthdays, weddings, engagements parties, and etc.  

Our mobile taco catering team fed about fifty people in about 20 minutes.  All of the guests loved our carne asada, chorizo, and al pastor tacos.  They could not have enough.  The majority of them went at least twice up to our taco cart to restock their plates.   Our customer today also added enchiladas and rolled taquitos which we kept restocking on the taco bar.   At the end of the day, the mobile taco catering team packed up the leftovers from the taco cart and taco bar and left them behind for our customers to keep.

Taco Catering in the city of Huntington Beach today was a success.