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Taco Man Catering in Fullerton For A Birthday

Wed, Jul 8th, 2020

Last night our taco catering staff was on-site catering for a surprise birthday party in the city of Fullerton.   This was a small gathering of family and friends wanting to surprise their family member and honor him on his birthday.  This young man was turning sixty-two years old and could not have been more surprised to see his intimate family and friends all together to celebrate his special day with tacos.

Our taco catering team was on-site taco catering to about twenty-five guests.  They all enjoyed our taco cart tacos and were incredibly happy to have us there.  This time around, the most popular taco was our veggie potato taco.   These customers found out about our hidden gem as they are regular clients of our taco shop in the city of Fullerton.   All the family frequented our taco shop and knew we provided outstanding taco catering services.  Naturally, they booked us for this event, and we were delighted to cater to it.

It was a great time seeing regular customers from our shop in a different setting.  I think out of all the customers we have provided our taco catering services; these customers were the ones to most interact with our mobile taco catering staff.  They talked about everything they have tried throughout the years at our shop and, of course of our veggie potato taco.  They took numerous pictures of our taco catering team and our taco bar, setup, and food.  They had a fantastic experience.

Onsite taco catering in the city of Fullerton today was a major success.