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Taco Man For Parties In Arcadia

Fri, Jan 10th, 2014

Hello, another great day spent taco catering. Today we had a fantastic time catering in Arcadia for a housewarming party. It has been a while since we have been out to Arcadia, but we always truly enjoy catering there.  Our event was in the early afternoon. Like always, we arrived early to introduce ourselves to our customers and begin setting up.  About 15 minutes prior to our serving time, our mobile taco catering team was ready to go.

In an instant, everyone lined up before our taco cart and mobile taco catering team to order their tacos.  In a quick fashion, we served about 60 guests. Numerous guests made their way to our taco cart to request more tacos.  Everyone around our taco cart in Arcadia loved and complimented our taco catering team on our tasty tacos.  Other guests even requested to take pictures with our taco catering staff.

We had a fantastic time, and we are sure our customers were very happy and satisfied with our taco catering service.  Taco catering in Arcadia was a huge success.