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Taco Catering Orange County for Super Bowl Sunday

Tue, Feb 4th, 2014

This past Sunday, Tacos Zapata was all over Orange County Taco Catering for Superbowl Sunday.  We had 15 events simultaneously going for the game.  We started our day early, and Tacos Zapata employees arrived to work at six am to begin preparation for the food that would be getting consumed during the day.  Everything from salsas, guacamole, chips, rice, beans, and meats.  We had taco catering teams going over equipment and loading all the vans, and making sure they were all topped off with gas. 

By 1 pm most of our taco catering teams had left the building.  We had some larger events in Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Huntington Beach, and the city of Orange.  These events were for over a hundred guests in attendance.   We also taco-catered medium-sized events for groups in the range of 60-70 people in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente.  The rest of the events were for fifty people or less.  We had a couple of those in Tustin, Villa Park, Anaheim, and Westminster.  

At the end of the game, most of our taco catering teams were back and cleaning up.  We detailed our taco carts, cleaned out our vans, washed many dishes, and began preparation for the remainder of the week.  That evening and the next day, we got a lot of positive feedback from our customers, some suggestions, but overall everyone enjoyed our taco catering service throughout all Orange County.  We had two customers from Sunday already book for events later on this year.

Taco Catering for Super Bowl Sunday was a lot of fun and a success.  We cannot wait till next year to do it all over again.   It will be Cinco de Mayo, another busy day for taco catering in a couple of months, call us today for your quote.