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Taco Catering | Frequently Asked Questions

Sat, Apr 28th, 2018


1.  Do you serve all the Orange County area?    Yes, we provide our mobile taco catering services all over Orange County and most neighboring counties such as Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino.  With enough notice, we can go further out.

2. Do you cook on-site?   Yes, most of the meats that we offer are cooked on site. A couple of meats require a lengthy process, and those are cooked ahead at our taco shop, along with the rice and beans.

3.Do you require a deposit?   Yes, to book taco catering for any event, we require a $100 deposit or 25% deposit depending on which is greater. 

4. Can we sample the food before booking our taco catering event?    Yes, we have a taco shop located at 1330 S Brookhurst Rd, Fullerton, CA 92833.  It is called El Rancho. We are open from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm daily.

5. Can we modify our taco catering order, update the guest count, or add more items?   Yes, you can update your taco catering order up to 24 hours before the event if needed.

6. How early do you show up before the taco catering event?   Our mobile taco catering team always does their best and takes every precaution to show up anywhere from 45-60 minutes before serving time to set up and cook.

7. Is there a travel fee for your taco catering services?   We charge a travel fee for any taco catering event over twenty-five miles.

8. Can we add additional time to our taco catering window?   Yes, you can add additional time.  However, we recommend letting us know earlier as some of our taco catering teams are slotted to due multiple events throughout the day.  Any additional hour would cost $100.

9. Do you take credit cards?   Yes, we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

10. Is there a repeat customer discount?   Unfortunately, there is no discount for repeat customers.  Although, we greatly appreciate your business. 

11.  Is gratuity required for the taco catering staff?   No, gratuity is not required, but it is encouraged.

12. Do you have a business license for your taco catering services?   Yes, we can provide a business license if needed.

13. Are you insured?   Yes, we can provide insurance if needed.  

14.  What happens if we must cancel our event?    If you cancel your event at least two weeks before your event, we can refund the full deposit.  

15. Do you provide your mobile taco catering for corporate events?  Yes, we provide our onsite taco catering services for any social setting.

16. Do you have a minimum guest count?   Yes, we have a thirty-person minimum for any event.

17. If there is any leftover food, do we get to keep it?   Yes, any leftover food on the taco cart or taco bar would be packaged up for you and left behind.

18. When is the remaining balance due?   The remaining balance is due no later than the date of the taco event.  There is a penalty fee if it is late.

19. What meats do you offer?   We currently offer carne asada, grilled chicken, shredded chicken w/veggies, al pastor, carnitas, chorizo, lengua, buche, cabeza, and fish.

20. Can you provide a health department certificate?   Yes, we can, and food handlers cards on request.

21.  Can you provide Gluten-free options?  Yes