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Orange County Onsite Taco Catering

Fri, Sep 4th, 2020

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope everyone has been staying safe out there. I know it seems like we are going back again with all the safety restrictions due to the Covid-19. This week we had a couple of events out in the city of Orange, Yorba Linda, and throughout all Orange County.

Our mobile taco catering team was on-site taco catering in the city of Orange for a few events and we also provided our taco catering services for a wedding in the city of Yorba Linda. Guests loved our delicious taco cart tacos and all our taco bars. I know many people are a little hesitant to cater events, especially large weddings. We had a few taco catering events canceled as our customers were not sure if they should go through with their taco parties due to the recent spikes in infections. Our taco catering teams took proper precautions at all our events and guests were thrilled with our taco men.

I would like to remind everyone that in addition to onsite taco catering with the taco carts we are also offering drop-off food trays and we even have the option to pick up food trays at our taco shop in the city of Fullerton.

Be sure to get your event booked in early, it is never early to start scheduling those holiday parties, we are only a few months away.