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Tustin Taco Bar Catering

Sun, Apr 13th, 2014

Hello everyone!

We just had a blast taco catering onsite in the city of Tustin.   We catered our delicious taco cart tacos to a small office party.   Today, our customers ordered carne asada, al pastor, grilled chicken, and carnitas tacos, and it was a massive hit.   Everyone was fed and returned for seconds within 20 minutes.   Everyone loved all the extras on our taco bars, like the rolled taquitos, green chicken enchiladas, and our watermelon agua fresca.  

We want to thank all our customers who continue to support our mobile taco catering business.  These customers today have continued to book our mobile taco catering since 2013, and we could not be here today without them.   Customers like the ones today in the city of Tustin who help keep our taco cart catering business alive.  

Don't forget to book your next taco catering party, whether in Tustin like today or Los Angeles, or even Riverside County.  Tacos Zapata provides on-site tacos throughout all of Southern California.  

Have a great day!