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Taco Man Catering Lake Forest

Fri, Dec 4th, 2015

Today our taco catering team was onsite providing our taco catering services in the city of Lake Forest for a long time customer's memorial service.   This particular customer has been booking our catering services since around 2010.  We have been extremely thankful for his continued support throughout these years.  He has referred us to numerous customers, those customers to others, and so on.  When our taco catering staff sees their taco catering schedule for the day and confirms they will be onsite taco cart catering for this customer they know it's going to be a great day taco catering.  

Our catering team did not know they would be on-site taco catering his memorial, so it was a huge upset.  It is standard for every taco catering event to serve food for two hours.  Today our catering team did not want to leave.  They were there for about six hours and had to be called back into our shop.  

As always guests enjoyed our taco cart tacos and everything from our taco bar.   They all knew this gentleman loved tacos and it was a great feeling enjoying some on his memorial may he rest in peace.