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Onsite Taco Catering In Cerritos For a Retirement Party

Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

Today was an awesome day out taco man catering for an event in the city of Cerritos for a retirement party.  It is always enjoyed doing these events as everyone is quite excited for the retiree.  

Our taco catering team showed up early as always to introduce themselves, explain the set-up, and catering process to our awesome customer who hired us.  After the introductions were made, our mobile taco catering team got to work.  They quickly unloaded the taco carts and the rest of our taco catering equipment.  Our taco men and women were ready to serve our eager customers and their guests our delicious tacos within thirty-five minutes.  

This customer in Cerritos requested two taco catering teams as they wanted us to serve everyone as fast as possible to continue the evening with their planned festivities.  Our two taco catering teams fed a little over eighty guests in about fifteen minutes.   Everyone loved our delicious taco cart tacos made fresh to order, along with our crispy, cheesy quesadillas.  Everyone complimented our taco catering staff on our carnitas tacos and fresh green guacamole.   We had a couple of people repeat, and our customer let our mobile taco catering team leave about an hour early as they had quite a show planned for the retiree.

Today, our customer had attended a party a couple of months back in the city of Cerritos and loved our tacos.  Immediately after the party, he contacted our taco catering staff to book his event.  Our customers today had carne asada, grilled chicken, and carnitas tacos.  He requested an extra order of carnitas and additional guacamole quarts as he knew everyone attending was addicted to carnitas tacos and guacamole.  We were thrilled to see everyone enjoy our taco catering and the party.  In the end, we left a couple of business cards with the person in charge and packed up the leftovers for them to keep.  I am sure they continued to have numerous tacos throughout the night.

Taco man catering in the city of Cerritos today was a great success.  We hope to be back soon.