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Taco Man Catering In Fullerton Again

Wed, Jan 1st, 2014

Today was another great day back out taco catering in Fullerton for a birthday party. Our taco catering team had the privilege of catering on-site for about 80 people in attendance.  As always, our mobile taco catering crew arrived about 40 minutes early to unload, set up, and grill on site.

At this particular event, we tried out one of the new taco carts we just received.  Everyone loved our taco cart tacos and simply could not get enough.  Our cheese quesadillas and our marinated garlic shrimp were a huge hit at our event in Fullerton.  Guests kept approaching our taco man requesting tacos and quesadillas.

A bit later in the evening, our taco catering team cooked on-site for another event in Fullerton.  As always, everyone complimented our taco cart tacos. Many guests inquired about our catering services.

Taco catering in Fullerton today was a huge success.