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Taco Drop-off in Lake Forest 

Wed, Jun 9th, 2021

You are thinking about planning a spontaneous party and are not sure what to feed your guests.  Mobile taco catering could be the solution to your problem.  Now, what if you plan on having your party in a bowling alley?  No problem because Tacos Zapata Taco Catering can coordinate a drop-off in your local bowling alley, community center, corporate office, or venue.

 Our catering mobility and flexibility were needed in Lake Forest to deliver a drop-off in a local bowling alley for a birthday party.  Who said you couldn’t have a fun time bowling and enjoy tacos?

We do not just drop off the food and leave you to figure it out.  We set up a presentation for a DIY serving station and taco bar.  This includes portable and disposable burners, trays, plates, bowls, and utensils to allow your guests to enjoy a meal of tacos.  This also makes the cleaning process easy, so you can leave any venue spotless.

 Once the food is ready to serve at your event, each guest can create their custom tacos with the amazing ingredients that we provide.  This adds a whole new dimension of variety to everybody’s options.  Taco Zapata can drop off your desired menu to your event to virtually any location throughout Orange County, LA County, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, so it does not matter where your event is happening.  Contact us to help you choose our drop-off catering options for your next event.