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Taco Catering Rancho Mission Viejo

Sun, Jan 27th, 2019

**Today our taco cart catering team was on-site taco bar catering in the city of Rancho Mission Viejo for a toddler's birthday party.  This young little boy was at a friend's house for her birthday party a couple of weeks back and had our delicious tacos and fell in love with Tacos Zapata.  So naturally, he also wanted Tacos Zapata taco catering his special day too.   I mean, who wouldn't?  Right?  

Along with his friends, this young boy loved our made-to-order cheese quesadillas straight off our taco cart.  They formed a line beside our taco cart requesting more and more cheese quesadillas.  It was adorable.  As for the grownups, they loved our tacos and everything off our taco bar, including salsas and guacamole.  They even had a taco eating contest that our taco catering team helped with.  The winner won a bottle of tequila after eating 21 of our delicious taco cart tacos. The second contestant ate 12 tacos and did not win anything, only more of our delicious tacos.

We are halfway through the year; book your birthday parties, graduations, and weddings.  Tacos Zapata is great for any social setting.  Do not settle for any other taco caterer whether you are looking for taco catering in Rancho Mission Viejo or any other city in Orange County.  Onsite taco catering in Rancho Mission Viejo was a huge success!