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Taco Catering Hollywood

Mon, Jan 13th, 2014

** Today at Tacos Zapata, one of our taco cart catering teams was deployed in Hollywood taco catering to a child’s birthday party. The event was located at a private residence populated by about 75 hungry attendees. As soon as our team arrived, it was clear that everyone grew excited as the team prepared the taco cart for cooking and serving.

During preparations, the crew experienced numerous guests eagerly inquiring when our tacos would be ready for consumption. As the serving time approached, our team noted that more and more people drew closer to our taco cart preparing to be first in line for our freshly cooked authentic tacos.                                                        

With chicken, carnitas, al pastor, and fajita veggies on deck, the tacos were flying off the taco cart with a consistent supply of hungry and excited guests. In fact, before the last few people received their plates, some second-timers were eager to get their next serving with verbal commendations to our team regarding their first round. As the sun started to set, serving time drew to a close with impressed guests enjoying the rest of the event. The catering team was content with the service they provided in the city of Hollywood and hoped to serve more events in the area.