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Diamond Bar Taco Catering Services

Mon, Jan 3rd, 2022

We are living through unprecedented times, but things are beginning to take a turnaround.  As pandemic restrictions start to lighten and our lives slowly return to some normality, our minds are once again thinking about resuming the events and activities we were unable to participate in the past year or so.  The start of the new year can be an opportunity to celebrate and participate in special events with our taco catering services.

Family and friends in Diamond Bar who haven’t seen each other in so long called us to make a family reunion lots of fun with tacos.  This family went it all out, ordering the most popular taco catering package we offer: The Constitucion.  If you want to experience the best onsite taco cart catering at your next social gathering, this package has it all.  It has everything you need: your choice of 3 Meat Entrees, authentic standard condiments, chips, cheese quesadillas, and a side of Re-fried Black or Pinto Beans and Spanish Rice.  All this fresh food is brought to you with our mobile taco carts.

The night started great, and everyone seemed to love the tacos and couldn’t decide which one was the best.  The best part was they kept coming back for more and more for each type of taco. That’s the perk of our taco catering packages; you can order multiple entrées like Carne Asada, Al Pastor, and Chicken.  This gives everyone in your party a chance to try different types of taco combinations.

We want to emphasize our commitment to bringing you top-notch and safe taco catering.  Just like the family in Diamond Bar, and for all our clients, we enjoy making your safety and
satisfaction our top priority as we undertake added precautions to ensure both.  Every employee understands the importance of gloves and masks, which they wear at all times during
your event or anytime they are working on preparing your dream menu.  Preparing healthy, satisfying, and mouthwatering meals is our goal, and as our guests are constantly informing us,
we continue to succeed, even in times of uncertainty!

You’ve missed out on a lot of fun and special moments over the last few months, but things are changing now!  Taco Zapata catering is here to bring families together again.  Give us a call and let’s work up a menu that celebrates these new beginnings.  Taco catering in Diamond Bar was great success.