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San Clemente Taco Bar Catering

Sun, Jul 12th, 2020

**This morning our taco catering team had the opportunity to cater a church seminar in the beautiful city of San Clemente.  Our mobile taco catering team fed eighty hungry teenagers very eager and excited to have our taco cart tacos.  From the moment our taco catering team arrived, they all welcomed our staff and displayed enormous kindness trying to help our catering team set up our taco cart and taco bar.

While our staff began cooking our fresh meats and setting up the taco bar, these young men and women quickly brought out cold refreshing water for our taco catering team, which was very kind of them.  Our taco catering team quickly finished cooking everything and quickly began to serve everyone there.

While in line, everyone was extremely impressed with our taco catering setup.  Many took pictures, and eager with their menu options, they began to eat.   Each one complimented our staff on the food and again got in line to have more of our authentic taco cart tacos.  At the end of the two-hour serving window, they all got around our taco catering team and thanked them for catering their event.  They also took a picture with our staff to remember this special day.

Taco catering in San Clemente was a lot of fun, and we hope to be back here soon.